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There's a huge demand for traffic exchange websites. You can find "N" no. of websites out there on internet providing the service of traffic exchange. After having an experience with all of them, i came to the conclusion  Hitleap is the one of the best & top website in terms of their services, monetary profit & website performance. The website works by earning minutes by surfing others website via Hitleap viewer software & then spending them on getting traffic on your website. You can earn number of  minutes easily just by surfing others website via the hit leap viewer software, just open & let it earn minutes for you. The minutes you will be using later in order to get traffic to your submitted website. Depending upon the minutes you will be getting traffic to your URL. The submitted website needs to be approved by their moderator which is done within fraction of seconds. It also provides a feature for setting  how many second's or minutes an visitor should stay on your website.

Earning via HitLeap ?

- Some websites provide credits just by visiting the URL, you can mask them & submit it to hitleap in order to to sit back & earn. ( Will be covering this in later tutorials briefly)

- Referrals ( 10% of the minutes your referrals earn
20% of the cash value of any purchase )

Click on the below banner to visit the website & Register yourself.

Free Traffic
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