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VP-ASP Shopping Cart 5.00 Exploit | Hacking Credit Card Part 1

Here is a small exploit to Hack & Steal Credit card info & many other data from a site .

Step By Step Guide :~#

  • Go to Google & type this Dork  - intitle: VP-ASP Shopping Cart 5.00 l
  • After that the Target URL will look like -  (Demo)
  • Then there you can see many details like xDatabase xDatabas Location xEmail & Many others  so the thing we have to do here site get the Database of that particular Website .
  • To get the database we will modify the URL 

Live Demo :

Target -
Exploit -

So here we have exploited the database  to get all the data of the website  . Just Replace the diag_dbtest.asp to shopping/shopping550.mdb (xDatabase) .

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10 June 2012 at 01:21

This is not working for me, may be someone else exploited it.
so can u plz exploit any website n send its credit card database to

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